Often I find myself cruising the inner corridors of the Internet, poking around through anything that catches my eye. there are a lot of resources for writers, about 50% good, while the other 50% make me either roll my eyes or snort soda through my nose from laughing. This is one of those sites. 


Time traveling farmers? Vampires in business suits? Werewolf voodoo practitioners? Yup, all present and accounted for! And that’s just the paranormal romance category (which I used as an example because that’s what I often write). Good Lord, when I first found the site, I spent an hour clicking prompt after prompt, and giggling the whole time. I will admit, once in a blue moon you get something spot on. A fallen angel that works in a hospital, seeing suffering all around her and aching to ease the hurt…that inspired a short story that I was actually pretty proud of. In the long run though, it’s entertaining as hell and that’s about it.