Prompt: Write about your favorite beverage. Alcoholic or non? Hot or cold? Are you with friends, at a dive bar, pulled over on a road trip at a random cafe…the possibilities are endless.

Example: You can tell a lot about a person by the type of refreshment they offer. Their choice says everything- do they want you there, or not; are you attractive to them; do they want you to be quiet, or keep talking. Of course, whether or not they even offer in the first place says a lot too. Usually there’s already a pattern going. The woman sitting in front of me had been nothing but courteous from the minute she answered my rapping knuckles at her door, but her manner was stiff and impersonal. She sat me down in a swinging rocker on her front porch right from the get go, despite the day being hot enough to fry an egg in its shell. Then she murmured something to a servant girl, who curtsied and ducked inside. We sat in silence, her staring out into the distance, back ramrod straight, slowly fanning herself; and me, sitting uncomfortably in the heat and trying not to sweat too obviously, resisting the urge to wipe away the trickle of moisture streaming down my cheek. I wish I looked that good even in triple digit weather. The servant was back, setting a delicate tray of drinks in front of us. My reluctant hostess picked up the heavy looking ceramic pitcher and asked crisply “Tea?” I nodded, not wanting to appear rude, and was mildly shocked to see steam rising from the glazed china cup she handed me. She must be insane to serve a warm drink on a day like this! What it did do though, was make her intentions to me, and the questions I came with, perfectly clear. I drank it anyway. No old biddy is going to scare me off with a cup of hot tea. Lord, it was like drinking molten lava. I felt my insides start to melt to go along with my already withered outward appearance, but smiled pleasantly and set my cup aside in the delicate saucer intended for it.

That’s something I wrote with the same prompt. It doesn’t have to make a lot of sense, but sometimes it’s easier to just jot down a paragraph or two.