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Avengers: Kickin’ It Baby Style

Avengers: Kickin' It Baby Style

Aw! Loki looks like I feel 90% of the time.


Roll With It

Roll With It

Gender swaps are always fun. One of the many things I use to combat the evils of writer’s block.


Question: what happens when you mix an addictive personality with a short attention span? 

Fucking Pinterest. 

Every time I swear that “this is my last account!”, something pops up to prove me wrong. Recently, I signed up for an account, just to see what the buzz was about. I understand the buzz now. Every time I’m on, it overloads my tiny little brain with pictures, and words, and more pictures, and yaoi, and food porn, and…yeah. See, I’m a visual person. A lot of time, when I hit writer’s block, I surf DeviantArt and, if I’m desperate, Google with the safe search turned off. Not recommended for the faint of heart. So having a way to collect pictures that inspire me and put them together in one place so easily is so cool, it’s also a really bad idea because I spend literal hours hunched at my computer squinting at a screen, pinning random things. 

A Team of Their Own

A Team of Their Own

This is a Futurama reference from Bender. I have seen every episode and made-for-TV movie special in existence and I am nowhere close to ashamed.

My catchphrase around friends may or may not be “Bite my shiny metal ass!”

After LOtR, Sauron Took Any Job He Could Find

After LOtR, Sauron Took Any Job He Could Find

Ha, I say again, Ha!