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Writing Prompt: Mothertruckin’ Robots!

Character/Device: I’m super lazy, so today’s prompt just involves robots. Describe your ieal mechanical companion in great detail. What does it do? Why does it do that? can it feel emotion? How smart is it? Will you build an army of robots to take over the world, or use your power for good?


Writing Prompt: Department Store Blues

Setting: Write a story set in a department stores (think big commercial companies like Sears or J.C. Penny). It’s a relatively boring setting, what can yo do to spice it up? Is it that last haven for a group of terrified shoppers being chased by zombie dinosaurs? Is it Christmas and full of cranky shoppers? Is it completely deserted for no reason? How do the employees act? Around customers? Around each other?

Writing Prompt: Redneck Jamboree

Prompt: Write about a band that tours the country and exclusively plays at trailer parks. Plot twist: it isn’t a country band! What kind of music do they play? Why do they only play at trailer parks? What kind of revenue is generated? Are there social repercussions for aiming your music at drunk rednecks?

Writing Prompt: 3 Things

Alrighty then, back to our irregularly scheduled program.

Prompt: Take these three elements and incorporate them into a story. It’s like Chopped but with words instead of chicken feet and marsala.

  1. Genre: urban fantasy
  2. Character: a business executive with a secret life
  3. Problem: a local cult is stealing livestock

Good luck!