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Writing Prompt: Redneck Jamboree

Prompt: Write about a band that tours the country and exclusively plays at trailer parks. Plot twist: it isn’t a country band! What kind of music do they play? Why do they only play at trailer parks? What kind of revenue is generated? Are there social repercussions for aiming your music at drunk rednecks?



These words. Oh my sweet rollerblading Jesus- these WORDS. This speech sounds so familiar, and I feel like such a dunce for not knowing who gave it. The intellectuals in the comments section seem to think it was Charlie Chaplin..? Will research further.

Also- SuicideSheep made this- whom is second only to Morgan Freeman, Vin Deisel, and actual Jesus on “The List”. It’s pretty obscure, you’ve probably never heard of it.

Never Coming Home- Sting

This man…Oh. My. GOD this man! Pure genius. I like a lot of different music, but if I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my life it would be Sting. He brings lyrics to an entirely new depth. Just, he has this way with words…even the songs that come off as cavalier are poetry.

And he’s damn good looking too. *swoon*

Writing with The Doctor


This video is completely awesome. I was listening to this while I was trying to write a side story for one of my NaNo stories, and as usual just about everything else in the world was interesting, when a thought struck me. This is about Doctor Who.

Don’t mock me, I was having a slow day.

In any case I pounced on that idea, and went onto Netflix to find the series. Whoa. Where has THIS been all my life!? I’m never going to get anything productive done ever again. I’m thinking this might be my motivational tool for NaNoWriMo. Write my daily word count, watch an episode of Doctor Who. That’s kinda like eating a cookie every time you get on the treadmill…which probably has everything nothing to do with why I haven’t lost any weight yet.

Marilyn Manson

How cliche would it be to write vampire stories to this song?

Music and Stuff

I listen to a lot of music when I write. Sometimes I have a specific track in mind, to help put me in the right mind set for the scene I’m in the middle of, but a lot of the time I just put on an hour long “chill” song, and fill my head with notes and instruments instead of the usual voices and snippets of dialogue that won’t SHUT UP long enough to let me focus!

Some of my favorites:


I love music. It speaks to my soul, if you’ll allow me to get philosophical for a moment. Interesting, how some songs you hear, and immediately something comes to mind. There’s one song by Madonna that, every time I hear it, I think of a book I was reading at the time, driving back from summer camp. Another song makes me cry sometimes because I played it for lullabies when my son was in the NICU and I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried for him. Still another makes me smile because I remember driving with friends, screwing around like usual. I don’t even remember where we were going, and it was hot as Hades that summer, but it didn’t matter because we had a lot of fun.

So next time you write, try fitting music to your words. Like I’m the first person to ever have THAT idea, ha.