Remember that older-than-the-dawn-of-time, bound-in-red-canvas-that-might-be-human-skin edition of the Webster’s Dictionary that’s probably sitting in a box somewhere? Perhaps it’s out on a shelf so your friends will be impressed by how many words you can look up with a lot of swearing and squinting at the tiny text, while they look things up on their smart phones. Well bust that puppy out. 

Prompt: Flip to a page in the dictionary at random, then go to the tenth word down. Use it in a paragraph. I generally use sets of three words at a time, but that’s just my OCD showing. Things always have to be in sets…. Anyway, this isn’t really a prompt so much as an exercise. 

The human mind works in funny ways. Once you get thinking about your “prompt word”, your mind will probably wander, or it might remind you of an idea buried in the dusty recesses of your imagination. Once, I started with the word “rubenesque” and ended up with a 20k word story about a hedgehog that was visited by fairies. Surprisingly entertaining, I had it bound and gave it as a gift to one of the kiddos I babysit because she liked it so much.