Hopefully I’ll actually keep up with this idea. The book I’m taking this out of is kinda like my bible when creating characters that I want to really be in-depth. About 85% of the time i can just crank out one of my usuals, and they fit the mold I want to squish them into, namely my flash fiction erotica. Other times I want them to be real people, so I use this method. 

Scenario No. 22 (picked by luck out of the book)

Sudden Leadership

Your character has been thrust into a sudden leadership role. Depending on what sort of man/woman your character is, choose a scenario where they are challenged with suddenly being the one in charge. Their guide fell into the river and drowned, leaving them as the only one with wilderness experience. Your character is voted jury foreperson at a high stakes murder trial. When the superior officer of the character’s infantry is killed, it leaves them in control as the second in command. 

1. How does your character don the leadership mantle?

A) reluctantly

B) with trepidation

C) enthusiastically

D) with bravado

E) by immediately issuing orders and taking control

Choose your answer, and I’ll be back tomorrow with the results.