Question: what happens when you mix an addictive personality with a short attention span? 

Fucking Pinterest. 

Every time I swear that “this is my last account!”, something pops up to prove me wrong. Recently, I signed up for an account, just to see what the buzz was about. I understand the buzz now. Every time I’m on, it overloads my tiny little brain with pictures, and words, and more pictures, and yaoi, and food porn, and…yeah. See, I’m a visual person. A lot of time, when I hit writer’s block, I surf DeviantArt and, if I’m desperate, Google with the safe search turned off. Not recommended for the faint of heart. So having a way to collect pictures that inspire me and put them together in one place so easily is so cool, it’s also a really bad idea because I spend literal hours hunched at my computer squinting at a screen, pinning random things.