It’s Christmas! (says Captain Obvious) Also, yes, I know most of my characters are tortured. It’s what I do best, so just bear with me and try not to have a heart attack when I finally create someone happy.

Prompt: How do your characters spend the holidays? Who’s a total Scrooge…as opposed to the bringer of all things red and green? Family visit or none? 


Standing on the porch in her pajamas, Kenna blithely ignored the biting cold as she watched snow fall in sheets. The children were in the front yard, shouting and laughing as they chased each other in circles, leaving tracks in the puffy whiteness covering the ground.

“You know, most people wear a coat when they go outside in weather like this.” She startled, whirling and half into a defensive crouch before she saw it was just Blair. The tall woman was fully dressed in jeans and boots under a puffy winter coat. She had a knit hat placed delicately on her head, managing to look twice as put together as Kenna had ever managed.

“Oh. It, uh, feels good.” she shrugged awkwardly, shifting from foot to foot as Blair joined her on the porch, shutting the door. “Sleeping next to Jamie is like being in bed with a furnace.”

“It’s a Frasier thing.” the other woman laughed lightly. “David’s hot too. And he always seems to want to be right next to me.” Kenna gave her a half smile, folding her arms and looking out at the yard again. “You know, I feel like it’s rude to ask, but if you don’t mind…you don’t seem very comfortable here. Why?” Blair asked, and Kenna’s mouth twitched.

“You aren’t being rude.” she said, keeping her eyes on Angela as she bounded through the drifting snow, squealing as her sister chased her. “Truthfully, I am completely out of my element, being here with your family.” Angela ducked behind one of the cars, hiding as Louise searched around, the snowball in her hand half forgotten. “I’ve never had anyone to “get together for Christmas” with. If I was lucky my older brother would come home for a few hours on Christmas Eve, but usually he was out, and I was alone.” Louise found her sister, shoving the snowball down the back of Angela’s coat, making her yowl in protest. Kenna blinked, then smiled slightly at Blair. “Pardon me.” she said, and ducked back inside.

In the spare room she and Jamie had been assigned, she shut the door, hearing the shower running in the bathroom attached to their room. Stripping off clothes as she went, she stepped naked past the curtain and pressed her body against Jamie’s warm back.

“Jesus!” he yelped, jumping and turning to face her, holding her at arm’s length and putting her under the hot water. “Did you go out there just so you could do that to me?” She grinned slyly, and his scowl deepened. “Jerk.” he said, stepping close again and leaning in to kiss her.