DAY 5: 

Desina watched her best friends try on clothes and fought the urge to sigh. She eyed Becka’s plentiful bust enviously as the young demon held a blue top up with a swooping neckline, then her eyes bounced towards Tylee’s breasts, thrust up in a blatant invitation by her lacy bra as she flicked through the selection of clothes they had in their private area of the store the were in.

“Desi why don’t you try something on?” Becka coaxed, turning to see the slender young demon still sitting on the small white couch to one side.

“I don’t think anything here will fit me.” Desina replied wryly, and Tylee rolled her eyes, coming over to flop down on the couch next to her.

“Don’t be a stick in the mud.” she pouted, tugging at the hem of her friend’s shirt. Desi tried to push her off, and in the ensuing wrestling match they ended up on the floor in a tangle of sleek limbs and tearing fabric. Their friend Eden chose that moment to walk in, completing the foursome, and he eyed the girls wrestling on the floor a moment before joining Becka on the sidelines.

“Isn’t it a bit early for girl-pile?” he asked, and she shrugged. Desina finally managed to roll Tylee over and pin her down, baring her sharp teeth briefly before getting to her feet.

“Look at this Ty! My shirt is ruined!” she said angrily, snatching up her jacket and pulling it on as she stalked out of their area, zipping it up as she went. Ignoring the way her friends called out after her, she stalked through the store, walking off her anger with her tail lashing around her slim legs angrily. Pausing at the fountain to fix her boots, hiking them up over smooth brown knees where they were supposed to be, she became aware of eyes on her. A small group of male demons perhaps a few years older than she was were shooting her tiny skirt admiring looks. Flicking her forked tongue at them, she strode away, in no mood to be ogled. With a sigh, she brushed her long black hair out of her face, deftly avoiding the small black horns that grew from her forehead over intense eyes the color of mocha.

Outside in the warm night air, heat enveloped her like a physical thing, pressing intimately against her skin as she paused to light a cigarette. Blowing smoke out, she allowed the last of her anger to ebb away. In truth, it wasn’t so much that she was pissed at Tylee for ripping her shirt, just that this was not a good day to tease her like that.

“You know you’re begging for trouble dressing like that.” a deep voice spoke from behind her, and Desina jumped, whirling around. From the shadows behind her a tall shape morphed into the bodyguard her father assigned to watch her.

“By the Host Adrian you scared me.” she said with a sigh of relief that it was only him. “Don’t do that!” He nodded absently, eyes on the slice of bare skin between her jacket and her skirt, as well as the mostly nonexistent cleavage in the wide gap of her neckline, which showed the edges of her bra. “What are you looking at?” she muttered with a scowl, blowing a short puff of smoke out her nose and turning to face the parking lot again. “There’s nothing to see there anyway.”

“You think tits are the only thing you’ve got to look at?” his next words came on a hot breath up the back of her neck, and she couldn’t help but shiver a little at his nearness. The tip of Adrian’s tail traced up her bare thigh, only to stop teasingly short of slipping underneath. Catching the direction her thoughts were going, Desina stepped away from him, folding her arms and puffing on her cigarette.

“You are going to get so fired if Daddy ever catches you doing that.” she said with a faint smile curling the edges of her mouth. “And yes, I KNOW that tits are all anyone’s got to look at.”

“More of an ass man myself.” he replied nonchalantly, lighting his own cigarette and casually scanning the darkness around them like he was supposed to be doing. A gun was holstered at his hip, but Desina knew that he wouldn’t need to use it to neutralize an attacker if someone were ever stupid enough to pose real danger to her.

“What makes you think your opinion matters that much?” she asked, needling her guard- which was her second favorite pastime. His heated black eyes scorched a path down her body, and he smirked.

“Funny how a nobody like me can turn you on, isn’t it.” he commented, and she glared even as she felt her cheeks heat up with the truth of his words. Adrian did turn her on, more than she liked to admit, but she was out of his class. There was a huge difference between Higher Demons and Middle Demons in her society. That thought brought her mood down again, and she looked away. Immediately he noticed the change and the smile dropped off his face. “I’ve stepped over a line. I apologize.”

“It wasn’t you.” she sighed, waving it off as she crushed her cigarette under the high heel of her boot.

“What then?” he prompted, and she arched an eyebrow at him. “Don’t give me that look, I’m a good listener.” he said. “No guaranteeing how much use I’ll be if you cry though…”

“I don’t cry.” she scoffed, then relented a little and added “It’s just…not fair. Becka and Tylee both fill out a bra so well. I look pretty pathetic next to them. When we go out together, it seems like the guys are too busy ogling them to even notice me.” Adrian gave her a faintly surprised look, then shook his head a little.

“So what you’re saying is that you’re jealous because you DON’T get sexually objectified?” he said, and she was about to reply when suddenly the small earpiece in his right ear popped to life with something she couldn’t hear. Immediately he tensed, and she could see him go into full alert. Becka, Tylee, and Eden came running out looking panicked, and Adrian herded them to the parking lot quickly. Eyes darting between the limos and the brightly lit store, he seized Desina by the shoulders and said “Get to the cars with the other girls and STAY PUT! You hear me!” He gave her a little shake to punctuate his words, and she nodded, watching as he went barreling in.

“What happened!” she asked as she unlocked the limo door and helped Becka in, who was sobbing hysterically.

“W-we were in the changing room still when th-there were gunshots. Some men in masks came in and t-tried to grab us.” Tylee quavered. Shots split the night air behind them, and Desina felt fear stab her gut. She stuffed Eden in behind the girls, then shut the door.

“Desi where are you going!” Becka cried, but she ignored her friend, running towards the store.

Inside, she could hear commotion coming from near the fountain at the center of the store. More shots made her flinch, but she kept going until she could see the fight. Becka’s guard was knelt beside Eden’s man, trying to stop the blood welling from his chest while Adrian took on three men in black masks. One more was on the second level, aiming down at them. Crying out, Desina tripped forward and that drew attention to her. In a rapid change of events the masked men withdrew, tossing a black disk behind them. She rushed forward to cover Adrian’s body inadequately with her own, right as the bomb went off in a huge burst of magic.