To the whopping 4 people who read this, I apologize. This thing called reality (seriously did anyone else know this was a thing) got in the way of blogging and writing and such. Between holiday shopping, family visits, and a seasonal job, December has somehow managed to slip through my fingers. 

In any case, back to my regularly scheduled programming. Step one: I’ll share what I wrote for NaNo. I warn you now, this will not make a lot of sense. Sometimes I was simply scrambling to get that day’s word count done, other times I actually cranked out a coherent piece of writing. Some pieces are NSFW (not safe for work), and those will be posted as a link that is your choice to click. Otherwise, the pieces will be in the form of a new post. 

DAY 1:

The sun was setting. Painting the forest gold as the last sliver sank below the horizon, birds were giving their last sleepy trills as they settled in for the night, and somewhere in the distance, a mother coyote yipped at her pups. The dark trees of Blackwood National Forest seemed to grow with the shadows, standing sentry over the slight young man curled up under a particularly large oak. He wasn’t much but a slip of a thing, thin and angular with pale skin stretched taut over what little muscle there was. His plain red tee shirt, snug against his frame, was inadequate for the October chill, as were the thin jeans he wore. Dried blood crusted one cheek, but at the origin point on his temple, the gash had already healed thanks to the young vampire’s natural abilities. As his eyes flickered open, glowing silver in the moonlight, a light frown creased his face.

Why were there trees all around him? The last thing Dev remembered was- he blinked, trying to clear his head as he gingerly pushed himself upright, tucking his shoulder length black hair back and looking around. The last thing Dev remembered was…he sent out the prompt again, and came up with a terrifying amount of nothing. He knew his name, but not where he lived. He knew he’d been struck in the head, but not why he was in the middle of nowhere. Dev swallowed hard, pulling his legs up to his chest as he looked around once more. Trees loomed around him, branches reaching out like clawed fingers, and panic abruptly seized the young vampire. He got to his feet, folding his arms tightly and picking a direction to start walking. He had until the following dawn to find a place to hide, and only God knew where he was at that moment.

After three hours of wandering around in the dark, Dev’s stomach began to protest. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d fed, that was gone with all of his other memories, and hunger clawed at his insides now. He needed blood. Soon the burning thirst clenching in his belly had migrated up to his throat, leaving him parched enough that when he heard the muted roar of a river nearby, Dev headed towards it eagerly. His night vision was excellent, leaving him no chance of falling in by accident, though it was hidden enough by trees and brush that he nearly did just that. Edging his way down the river bank, he didn’t bother to look around before crouching and cupping his hands to fill them at the water’s edge. The cool water did nothing to soothe the sandpaper feeling in his throat, and he was going for his second drink when his keen ears picked up a whisper of movement…shortly before a heavy hand landed on the back of his neck, scruffing him like a kitten to lift him clean off the ground. Dev yelped as he found himself looking into a suspicious set of silver eyes.

“What are you doing on my land?” the vampire holding him asked in a silky, almost effeminate voice.

“I- I don’t know!” Dev replied rather plaintively. “Someone knocked me unconscious and when I woke up I was in the middle of the forest. I can’t remember anything!” Around the edges of his mind he felt the mental probe of the other vampire, and after a moment he was set down. Compared to Dev’s slim, five foot eight frame, the man was huge. Well over six feet, broad shouldered and corded with muscle, he posed an intimidating picture. Blond hair framed his handsome face, and a long braid rested over one shoulder. He folded his arms, straining the dark jacket he wore, and contemplated Dev just as his stomach growled embarrassingly loud.

“Well, you aren’t lying, which is the reason you’re still alive, but if they dumped you out here, I’m pretty sure someone wants you dead.” he said finally, and Dev felt his eyes widen a little. “Welcome to the club, come on kid, you can stay with me until I figure out what to do with you.” He weighed the threats of staying out here until the sun came up versus following this stranger off into the unknown, then quickly scampered after the man who, as they started walking, introduced himself. “My name is Cristian by the way.”


After what seemed like the longest walk in his life, they arrived at a small cabin tucked away in the woods. Dev followed Cristian inside rather hesitantly, and stood awkwardly by the door as his host moved around turning on various lights. It looked like any other house he’d ever been inside; masculine furniture creating the suggested lines of a living room while a half counter blocked off a kitchen full of gleaming appliances. Directly in front of them was a hall that led back to the private part oft he house.

“Well come in then.” Cristian poked his head out from the kitchen, and Dev joined him, watching as he took two bottles of blood out of the refrigerator, popping them in the microwave. While it was running, he glanced at Dev again. “Sorry kid, this is all I have besides the occasional hiker.”

“That’s okay.” Dev said quietly, accepting the warm bottle a minute later and fighting not to gulp it down. Instead he forced himself to suck down the hot liquid slowly, filling his cold body with warmth that seeped from the tips of his toes all the way to the crown of his head.

“You don’t say much.” Cristian mentioned, and he shrugged, rolling the empty bottle between his hands.

“Don’t have much to say. I’m still kinda reeling.” he murmured, then looked up at his savior. “Thank you. I was pretty sure I was going to be out there until the sun rose.”

“Yeah most likely. You’re welcome. There’s a shower down the back hall, if you want to wash that blood off…not to mention the sap you’re covered in.” Cristian accepted his thanks with a nod and a blithe change of subject. Dev let him, in the middle of realizing how filthy he’d gotten laying on the ground like he had been left. Cristian showed him where the shower was, and left him to it. As Dev stood under the hot water, he once again probed at the edges of his memory. There was nothing but blinding light and pain, so he left off with a sigh. Cristian seemed to have nothing but masculine smelling products, which Dev wasn’t used to, but it was better than being sticky, so he washed up. As he stepped out, wrapping a towel around his waist, he was suddenly stricken by a startlingly mundane thought. He didn’t have any clean clothes. The fact that in the space of a few hours he’d gone from worrying about his survival, to worrying about getting dirty again after a shower made a small, relieved laugh escape. When Cristian knocked on the door it startled him a little, but he went to open it, keeping the towel firm with one hand. For a minute Cristian just stared at him, eyes lingering on the smooth plane of Dev’s bare chest, then he extended a hand with a bundle of cloth in it. “They’re going to be big.” he said. “Why don’t you give me your clothing so I can throw it in the washer.” Dev obliged, and Cristian swept down the hall again.

At the washer, Cristian threw the clothing in with more force than was strictly necessary. No one had a right to look that mouthwatering. He’d been expecting the boy to crack the door if he responded at all, but to fling it wide open and stand there in nothing but a towel? That was just cruel. Cristian shook such thoughts from his head and started the machine up, pausing a minute as he stood there, drumming his blunt fingers on the top of the now humming washer. Dev claimed to have no memory, and what he’d seen of the boy’s mind proved him truthful…but after so many years of living on the run, Cristian was still suspicious of anyone he didn’t know that came stumbling into his secluded part of the forest.

As he emerged into the living room, the thought that Dev could be a spy was immediately pushed away with the sight that greeted him. Dev had donned the pajama pants and tee shirt Cristian offered, and was now curled in a ball on the couch, fast asleep. It must have been exhausting wandering around as hungry as he’d been. Cristian could sense the moment he saw the boy that he hadn’t been fed in at least three nights. Had someone been holding him captive? That brought out a surprisingly protective surge of emotion that made Cristian scowl. He’d just met the boy, who was he to feel this protective over him already?