Can somebody tell me where I left November?

I’ve searched among the scraps of paper and inkless pens on my desk. It’s not there. I’ve sifted through the pile of discarded ideas; shuffled my snippets of dialogue; ransacked my stress box where plot holes and dead ends live; I’ve even tentatively poked my head through the doorway to my imagination, though I didn’t dare to step too far in. For the life of me I can’t think of how I’ve managed to misplace an entire month. 

It’s November 30th. NaNo is almost over. I find myself disturbed by that thought more than I imagined. Yes I’ll certainly continue to write, it’s not as if the creative gears in my head will come to a grinding halt, but there was a spark of excitement that took me to places I’d never explored before. Actively searching for ideas; pressing my exhausted imagination to find enough juice to juuust make my word count for the day. 

And that’s saying nothing about the online community I found, writers that made me feel a little less crazy for one glorious, coffee-fueled, frantic month. I found people just like me, who talked about their characters like they were tangible and didn’t bat an eye when I crowed about having finished a particularly difficult scene. 

I guess this is goodbye, NaNoWriMo, but only until next year. I’m certain that I’ll carry what I’ve learned and accomplished into the rest of my writing habits outside the box of November.