I couldn’t sleep last night. Thinking too much. 

Why do we write? What sets us apart from the rest of the world? My younger brother has little interest in books, and even less in putting pen to paper (figuratively AND literally). We are three years apart. So what do I have that he doesn’t? Where does the spark of creativity come from?

A scientist would give me some spiel about genetics and family traits that he himself only half understands- leaving me completely in the dark. 

A God fearing man might say that the Creator blessed each of with a special set of skills, and that creativity was just one of mine. 

My mother would tell me she loves me anyway, and shoo me off. 

I think a child might attribute it to magic. 

Personally I don’t have any idea about why I write. The urge has just always been there. As a child I was a story teller and an avid reader. I’d take bits and pieces from my favorite tales, borrowing from Tolkien and Milne and Poe and countless others, weaving them together in a way that left my teachers scratching their heads, while my classmates begged me to tell a story in our free-time hour. 

When I was eleven, an idea manifested itself that would not go away. I thought about it when I woke up and when I went to sleep, through class my mind drifted, and finally one day I got my hands on my mother’s old computer at her office after school. Here I finally found release for the pressing rush of ideas and voices that spun around my brain. I couldn’t type fast enough to get the words out. That was the start of something epic. 

400+ pages later, I’m still not finished with the story. I’ve written many, many pieces in the eight years since I first started it, but my first novel remains an open ended work in progress. 

Quite often I’m asked, where do I get my ideas. I have not to date found a reasonable answer. Everyone has at one point or another seen something on television, or the Internet, that made them think. But what possesses one to take that idea and run with it- spin out characters and stories and entire worlds from the pit of imagination?