I love to read. It’s like taking a mini vacation, except without packing your bags, putting up with a crappy flight where the fat guy next to you hogs the armrest, checking into a hotel where thy swear you didn’t pay for your reservations even though you are HOLDING A RECEIPT in your hands, trying to find an uncrowded spot on the beach, and then repeating the crappy flight home where you realize how dirty your house really is. 

Prompt: This one is more open. You can describe a character reading, tell about you reading- hell, write it from the book’s point of view! What are he/she/it/you reading? Why that particular book/magazine/whatever?

Example: Coty walked into the coffee shop mostly out of boredom. Her flight home didn’t leave for another two hours, so she’d spent the last hour wandering the airport. As the door closed behind her, the familiar smells of espresso and paper met her, and Coty smiled faintly. She headed right past the obligatory rack of paperback novels, big unwieldy books that Coty found utterly dull, and stopped in the back of the small room next to the barista station where the magazine racks where. She ran her fingertips lightly over  dozens of glossy pages filled with shiny plastic people. Headlines screamed out at her in bold letters, but Coty had no taste for the tabloids either. She didn’t care who was marrying who, or who was having an affair; much less about the seedy looking paper tabloids that claimed a woman in Michigan had given birth to a baby that was half lizard. Selecting a Seventeen! Magazine, she paid for it at the counter, then went back out into the airport and found a seat in one of the little clusters of armchairs that dotted the airport. She settled her small carry-on back pack next to her, flinging one slender leg over the arm of the chair and scooting down in the seat sideways to get comfortable. Having done so, she popped her headphones in and opened her magazine. Her eyes greedily took in every page of anorexic teen models posing in clothes she could afford, but didn’t want. The get-the-look pages were her favorites. She stared past the pictures, imagining herself in any one of the outfits the magazine featured, ever on the hunt for her newest look. In the back of the magazine were “the most embarrassing stories ever”, and these amused Coty to no end. She flicked her eyes over a story about a girl who threw up on her first date due to food poisoning and actually laughed a little, earning a quizzical look from a passing family. Try having a first date that ended in the emergency room involving major blood loss without any visible injuries and an unexplainable case of amnesia on the victim’s part. Coty cringed a little as she remembered that particular night. She’d been still getting used to her vampire tendencies, and nearly killed her date. After that, Coty shut the magazine, she suddenly didn’t feel like reading anymore if that’s where her mind was going to go with every story she read.