Broke 40k today! 

In other news, where the hell did November go? We’re essentially at the halfway mark. Two weeks down, two weeks to go. Day 15 out of 30. One half of November is gone. 

So far my plan to write a different story is going well. I’ve actually gotten two excerpts for running serials that I post elsewhere done. Which is a blessing because the natives are getting restless waiting for inspiration to strike me. It is a little disappointing in that I was hoping to have a complete novel, but hey, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. I do short stories well, so that’s what I’m focusing on. Strengths. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that people have different styles. I look at people who can go from A to Z in a coherent fashion, with an outline and fully developed side stories, all in a month…and I get incredibly jealous. By the same token I know there’s somebody out there that wishes they could fly by the seat of their pants and write short, complete story arcs in 5k words or less like I do. Everybody has a different writing style, so what’s yours?