Prompt: What goes on behind the curtains is fascinating. Whether it’s a play, a movie, or simply the inner mechanics of an operation, paint a picture of the process that goes into creating a finished product.

Example: Paper to desk. Silky smooth. Pencil, grinding, down to a lethal point. Grinding grinding grinding. A nervous flick of the fingers across spotless paper. Testing the point against the pad of a thumb. The dam cracks. Trickling imagination. Oozing thoughts. Flowing ideas. Script pouring, gushing, roaring down. Fingers jerk, twitch to life. Lead slices across paper. Smooth surface defiled with fantastic words. At first there is silence. Scritch scratch. Write, pause. Swish scrub. Eradicate. Pencil to paper. Eraser to teeth. Tap tap tap. The well is drying. Whispering thought. Dying sparks. Slowing words. Finished, just in time.