I woke up this morning to my two year old yelling “Mommy up! Snow!”, which translates to “Go back to sleep you little monster it’s 6 AM!” 

Prompt: Write about snow. It can be anything- are you describing a setting? How about a character’s reaction. Are they pleased? Upset? Do they like/dislike cold?

Example: I woke to complete silence around my tent. There was a heavy stillness in the air, the kind of weight that, accompanied with the cold nipping at my nose and cheeks, meant only one thing. I burrowed back into the warm cocoon of my sleeping bag, closing my eyes and hoping that the frigid temperature was all in my head. With a whizzing sound, the zipper of the tent came undone, and I was shocked into icy wakefulness by a snowball landing squarely against the back of my head. 

“Wake up love!” my boyfriend sang gleefully, then ducked and ran as I came after him, immediately regretting my decision as my bare feet came into contact with the fluffy white stuff blanketing every inch of our little campsite. Hissing between my teeth and dancing back to the haven of our tent, I folded my arms tightly and peered outside. All around us, forest pines were weighted with ice, and the sun rising over the lip of the horizon brought a dazzling display with it as the crystalline whiteness reflected so brightly it hurt my eyes. By the time I was properly dressed, the sun was fully up, illuminating the clouds of my breath as I stepped out of the tent, boots crunching through the thin layer of ice atop a fluffier inner core. Some distance away stood my boyfriend, back presented to me like a bullseye. I scooped up a handful of snow, packed it tightly like my brothers had taught me, and nailed him in the shoulder with it. He turned, and we chased each other around like children, our laughter shattering the stillness as we threw snow until our fingers were numb.