National Novel Writing Month. 

30 days. 50,000 words. No editing. Are you man enough?

I, apparently, think I am. In 6 days, I’ll be setting off to try something I’ve never done before- write an entire novel in just a month’s time. It seems harmless enough, I often write more than the required “per day” word count- 1,667 for anyone who’s interested- but I’ve never done it on a deadline before. 

This project already has me chomping at the bit. I have two solid ideas to work on, and I want to write, NOW! But I recently discovered this thing called self restraint, so I’m using it and waiting until the 1st to start. Already, NaNo is promising to be radically different than my usual approach to writing. For starters, I’ve written an outline. I don’t think I’ve used one of those since probably middle school. Another thing, is in stead of letting my characters run wild and develop as they go along, I’ve tried to give myself a general idea of what they look and act like beforehand, so I should be able to just dive in. Not to mention the prospect of not editing anything makes me twitch. I’ve tried to keep in mind that I can edit it all later, after NaNo is done, but it’s not in my genetic makeup to leave mistakes uncorrected, and my fingers are curling at the thought. We’ll see how things go.

I’m excited and nervous all at once. I love to write, but what if the prospect of a deadline makes me balk enough that I don’t finish in time? What if I run out of creativity right in the middle and hit a dead stop? It says in the rules that the work submitted doesn’t have to be complete, or even coherent, really…but submitting something unfinished makes me twitch too. I will press on! Maybe if I get the panic all out of the way right now, it won’t hit later on.